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Kingz Bulletin (Butcher Black)

This Blog will keep you up with the world of Hip-Hop and Video Gaming. I'll also give you inside info from gaming company's and entertainment news. So keep it locked as I give you the 411. You can also follow us on Twitter @ . You can also follow me on Facebook @  and on YouTube @

The Wildcat is lose in MADDEN NFL 10 4/29/2009 6:02:00 PM

Check out this hot new info from Larry Richart Designer of Madden NFL 10 for EA Sports. He talks about his playing days with the Florida Gators and the wrinkles that the Wildcat formation can give with the Jet Sweep, Power and Counter plays.


"Throughout the season we have witnessed many different teams use variations of the Wildcat, but no one used it more effectively and extensively as the Miami Dolphins.  In the Dolphins version of this offense, they placed running back Ronnie Brown at the “Quarterback” position. They then lined up running back Ricky Williams at slot receiver, and often times brought him in motion to either receive or fake a handoff from Brown.  The Dolphins also use an unbalanced line by moving the left tackle over to the right side of the formation and lining him up next to the right tackle.  The Tight End moves down to replace the left tackle and is still an eligible receiver because he is on the end of the line and uncovered (You’ll see a good video example of this below) by another receiver."


To read more about this article click on the link about. Check out the videos below to see how the Wildcat formation will look in MADDEN NFL 10.


Wildcat "power" play (Miami Dolphins) from easports on Vimeo.


"Power" play out of Wildcat formation in Madden NFL 10 from easports on Vimeo.



Wildcat "Jet Sweep" (Miami Dolphins) from easports on Vimeo.


"Jet Sweep" play out of the Wildcat - Madden NFL 10 from easports on Vimeo.


Wildcat "Counter" play (Miami Dolphins) from easports on Vimeo.


"Counter" play out of Wildcat formation in Madden NFL 10 from easports on Vimeo.


Wildcat "Play Action Jet Sweep" (Miami Dolphins) from easports on Vimeo.


"PA Jet Sweep" Wildcat w/ Pat White in Madden NFL 10 from easports on Vimeo.

4/29/2009 9:00:00 PM
nice find
5/11/2009 5:00:00 PM
Good addition for keeping the game true to real life, bad for lobby game due to more cheesy play.
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