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Is the Money Shot Ruining Team Hockey Experience? 10/7/2008 9:18:00 PM

 Seems over the last few days that more and more teams have guys hitting a certain shot that scores goals at a much higher percentage than other shots.  I'm not the best at describing it, but it's a one-footed shoot taken after a heel-toe motion of the stick.  You usually know when it's coming and you try to get in the way, but more often than not it finds the upper corner of the net as the goalie is shifting the wrong way.  The goalie seems to be confused by the single skate that is heading in the other direction.

Today, RedFrog and I played two consecutive games against teams who could score this goal virtually at will.  Makes you feel like throwing your controller through the tv.  Bummer....

I'm not worried about folks using it in our U.L. leagues (heck, most of us couldn't do it even if we wanted to).  But it's souring an otherwise fantastic team experience, in my opinion.

10/8/2008 12:56:00 AM
Totally takes the fun out of it for me.

And, before someone else gets it in...

That's what she said.
10/8/2008 12:56:00 AM
Stealer of my thunder!
10/8/2008 2:03:00 AM
I remember playing nhl 06 on ps2 and all you had to do was skate in front of the goalie fast and the backhand it to get an easy goal...killed the fun and i havnt bought a nhl game since....sucks for you guys....
10/8/2008 5:22:00 AM
Rob is not lying, we lost 4-0 and 6-2 in those 2 games. Like he said, you could see it coming and if you weren't in the exact right position, you weren't going to stop it. Those scores don't show how many times they rang them off the pipe and they didn't go in.

I think if you have 4-5 players, it's probably easier to stop as the AI Defense is pretty much worthless against these players.
10/8/2008 5:38:00 AM
Agreed. That shoot & the 180 back to the goalie then switch quickly forward again to shoot are glitchs that seem to confuse the goalie. I have not even tried to play goalie & know I would likely suck at it but i wonder if a manual goalie would have a better chance to stop these and if so, should we try to get more guys playing goalie?
10/8/2008 9:21:00 AM
Maybe we need some traing sessions
10/8/2008 10:53:00 AM
Totally agree that it sucks. Sucks to work as a team and get great chances, but you can't score, but a team learns the wrist shot glitch or the spin or rama goal. Why does every year have some issue to bring the game down. I still really enjoy this game, but that stuff drives me nuts!
***Author response***
10/8/2008 2:23:00 PM
Makes me look forward to team games that are U.L. vs. U.L. Those were fun last year and will be fun again this year.
10/8/2008 2:38:00 PM
that my friends is called the curve shot :)
it is a domination special haha just kidding dom....

that shot is highly overused but is defendable stand them up at the blueline if u can. if not its prob a goal :( it sucks i know i get beat on it alot as well..
10/8/2008 5:33:00 PM
or as BLK and DOM say, there are not shots that cannot be defended......just play defense!! i, myself, can find many more ways to score on you if you try and defend that money shot!! muwahhhhhhhhhh...

DoMiNaTioN x21
10/8/2008 11:27:00 PM
Yea, that's the curve shot. I can hit it 9/10 times. It's incredibly easy to score against AI d-men because they set the perfect screen. However, if you have human controlled defenseman it is really easy to shut that down. Just step up on them as soon as they cross the blue line.

Another option is to play a human goalie. We play a human goalie against most teams since they can sniff cheese shots a mile away and just get themselves in position to block it.
10/9/2008 9:37:00 AM
Curve shot is awesome.. but yes, manuel goalies stop it 99.9% of the time unless they are WAAAY to deep or standing on their line.

Human defense also helps against this.. if you play with just 2 guys which I wouldnt recommend do to connection issues, if 1 drops automatic loss, you will get murder by the curve if you dont have a dman.
10/9/2008 10:21:00 AM
you heard it here first folks!
10/9/2008 5:37:00 PM
Nailers quick what are tonights lotto numbers
10/9/2008 5:51:00 PM
36 24 36

10/9/2008 6:37:00 PM
them are number for any mans lottery man
10/9/2008 6:38:00 PM
or in the words of a great poet to finish your line "only if shes 5'3 "
10/15/2008 8:02:00 AM
or as I heard Danny say in one game to littlekid.....

My anaconda don't want none unless you've got buns hon

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