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Who's picking up FIFA 09 today? 10/15/2008 8:29:00 AM

Was an exlusive PES guy for a few years, but last year I picked up Euro 08 and enjoyed it.  So I'm pumped about today's release of FIFA 09!  Hoping we have a good number of folks online this afternoon/tonight. 

{I've watched the first three debates, but I assume tonight's will be another one in which the candidates ignore the format and the actual questions.  So don't think I'll be missing much by playing some FIFA with the U.L. fellas.}

Who's going to be online today/tonight?

10/15/2008 9:05:00 AM
going to have to hold off on FIFA to see what PES puts out this year.

my time will be spent on NHL in the meantime.

when you get bored of FIFA, look for us in the NHL lobby.

later man
***Author response***
10/15/2008 9:26:00 AM
What's the date for PES? Maybe you could rent FIFA some day and we could play the heck out of it. Just a thought.

What are you worried that FIFA might have included a penalty box this year? (ha, ha)
10/15/2008 9:38:00 AM
I'm gonna go pick it up around noon and will be on until I have to go to work around 3. Then all night after I get home after 8:30.
10/15/2008 9:59:00 AM
Sorry rob no soccer till i get it free from an ea playtest :)
Majorbob i will look for you in the dressing room if I can get my disc to work.
10/15/2008 10:59:00 AM
hey, i seek solice in the penalty box.

brandon, will see you there!
10/15/2008 11:39:00 AM
Really not sure what to do... I can't buy two soccer games. It will depends on the league verdict for XBCL and Serie A.

However, I am scared that PES will mess it up again with online. NBA 2k9 has been a nightmare for 5v5 so far. Servers can't handle it. Not sure if PES has the 10v10 feature and with their problems last year, I am not very optimistic.

Let me know about FIFA... I am really interested in 10v10.

Oh... and... Nails blows. Thanks.
***Author response***
10/15/2008 11:41:00 AM
Hey Brandon, are your playtest games in shrinkwrap? If so, why not buy now and then trade in the one you get at playtest. Heck, we both know you're gonna end up playing it just like other soccer games........, right?
***Author response***
10/15/2008 11:44:00 AM
Looks like you made your "Nails" comment minutes before Bobby changed his U.L. username to reflect his new 360 name. No more Nailers to kick around here, I guess. Oh well. Don't know if I have what it takes to take on a Major.
10/15/2008 11:59:00 AM
MjrRobDangle69 still exists! Come on Rob.

Nailers67 does not exist anymore! Nothing to see here, please disperse.

I needed to change my name to clean up my image.

***Author response***
10/15/2008 1:06:00 PM
We will all miss the Nailers. Long live the Nailers... even if it's only in the ether of the cyberworld.
10/15/2008 3:01:00 PM
The 10-voice thing is a little hectic, but I think that once you build a solid team, who knows what they are doing, communication shouldn't be too big of an issue. I will send out some invites for my club when I get home from work, or just ask Oz for one.
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