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Alabama Hockey by Rizing TIDE (ZER0 C00LNESS)

My blog will primarily about hockey , the goings on of our EASHL team and the XBEH.

Peace. Out. 3/30/2009 8:58:00 PM

I finished my season in the XBEH tonight by being eliminated by Janeway33. It was a great series between 2 closely matched players and I wish Janeway33 luck in the rest of the playoffs.

This was my last season here at United Leagues. I don't have the time to commit to the leagues anymore, so it is not fair for me to sign up and then delay games while I try to find the time to play.

This site is without a doubt the best run site on the internet. I appreciate the effort and dedication it takes to run something like this. I enjoyed playing with you guys and wish everyone the best. Thanks to JM for running the site and the partners and commissioners for running the leagues.


Take it easy guys...



dot dot dot jay
3/31/2009 4:20:00 PM
Have a good one man, you'll be back some day
3/31/2009 8:04:00 PM
I hear you on not having as much time. I definitely feel myself dialing back the league stuff a bunch. Miss you. Always a pleasure.

p.s. You guys picked up a great coach in Anthony Grant. Classy, classy guy.
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7/17/2009 8:38:00 AM
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