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Mooj Thoughts (Moojenowski)

A place where I'll talk about anything going on in the world, whether it be the world of sports, UL games, music and movies, or what's in the news.

Internet Boredom 12/8/2008 8:58:00 PM

Well, it's finals time here at FSU which means instead of studying I'm procrastinating by trolling UL, Facebook, and have discovered some sweet new sites.

Site numero uno, the one that literally has me busy for hours... It's a site that has a toolbar up top, you can download it to your browser (which I have done) and it will bring you to a different site everytime you click Stumble! You can sign up and choose categories, which is really cool. It's a great way to discover new sites on topics you find interesting.

Site number two, An internet radio site that has you type a band you like, and then it creates an online radio station based off that band. It will play songs from bands it thinks you may like and if you do like it you click thumbs up, don't like it... thumbs down. It describes itself as the "Music Genome Project." It's really cool and has already turned me onto a bunch of new bands based off my original station based off of the Kings of Leon. You can also have friends lists on the site which is cool for exchanging music and stations.

Site number three is for you geography buffs, like me! It's called and it allows you to play by yourself, or against people all over the world on city locations all over the world. It has different maps to play on, but it's really cool. I met some people from Ireland and Englad today playing which was cool.

Don't get in trouble by spending all your time on these sites!

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