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The Juice is Loose! (Anonymous juice)

 Litte bit here and a little bit there.

Madden Defense Help 12/23/2008 6:15:00 AM

After playing a lot of people this year and seen a couple of post I have deicide to post some of my madden knowledge to help.  By no means do I consider myself a "Great" madden player, but over my years of playing I have learned a thing or two.  These are basic ideas you can take and put your own twist on them.
  • The worst thing you can do is selecting your defense before you have seen what the offense is going to run.  If the offense comes with a play with two receivers, then you should come out in your base 4-3 or 3-4 defenses.  If they come out with three wide receivers then you should be in a nickel defense.  The reason is if they come out in a two wide receiver set and your in a dime defense your have six DBs on the field.  Its easier to run and block DBs and your only have four to five men in the box.  Same goes if you come out in a 4-3 or 3-4 defense and they come out with four receiver set.  This puts your two OLB on wide outs; they will get burned every time.
  • I choose not to use man-to-man on madden.  I feel everytime I get burned on post patterns and quick cuts.  So there are many types of zone defenses you can use. 
1.       Cover 2, I use this a couple times a game.  The best time is about 20 yards away from the end zone and if the person you are playing is using a lot of screens and short passes.
2.       Cover 3, I use this almost all the time.  This puts OLB in the flats and drops the safety and CB back.  This great if you got good stick skills.  You can drop the SS in the box, cheating the zone a little bit to bring 8 in the box.  Then drop back, but watch out for the play action pass.  This does leave the outside CB 1-on-1 with the receiver.  Ill take my chance, if I get beat deep a couple of times then I will drop into a different defense.  Make sure you put your fastest CBs on the outside so they don’t get burned.
3.       Cover 4, I pretty sure but this is only in a dime defense.  This is almost like a prevent defense but it drops everyone back about 10 yards.  Good if your have a 3rd and long...
4.       Prevent, I don't know why many people I have played don't use this.  This drops everyone back to stop the deep pass.  If it's the end of the game, your have the other team stopped a the 50 yard line and there only 5 secs left and they need a touchdown, please use a prevent defense.
  • Blitzing, something that I started a lot this year.  The most important thing is don't blitz every play.  I may do it once every 10 downs.  If you’re not good at blitzing try this.  Next time your playing and you are using a nickel defense select strong.  Then select the play where the slot DB is the only one blitzing.  Take control of that DB and get right next to your DE and takeoff after the me it will feel good ( I smacked wigspliter raiders with this a got a fumble .)  Madden has another tool that isn’t used much.  Its cause the fake blitz.  I notice a lot of people think that when everyone come close to the line your going to blitz and change the play to a quick slant.  Next time they have a 3rd and short.  Use a cover 2 and fake blitz.  Your opponent will think your blitzing and will try to hit a quick pass....easy pick.  Make sure you manual move your safety back so they don’t get beat deep.
  • Another great tool is moving your LB and DL.  If you can tell they are going to run the ball to the right side, then move your DL over.  Also if it's a 3rd and long spread your DL out for the pass rush.  If you think they are going to run up the middle for the 15th time, bring your LB or DL men in.
  • Last tip I have is before each game check the stats of the person you are playing.  This gives a good idea of what there going to try and do.  If it's a running team, run blitz a lot and stop the run.  Usually if a running team can't run in the first half they will give up and pass.  Plus if you stop the run on first down and make it 2nd and can open up the play book for your blitz if you would like.

Hope this can help someone


ChAn U wIn
12/23/2008 7:31:00 AM
bah.. i hope ur chargers are undefeated vs Pit in the keeper league!! ill show you some defense ;-) haha nice post
12/23/2008 1:43:00 PM
I like everything you said...but i dont agree with you Taking the Nickle CB n blitzing me thats a cheesy...but everything else you say is good.
12/23/2008 4:34:00 PM
Way to complicated for me! That's why I stick to hockey...
12/26/2008 10:41:00 AM
All of Juice's "secrets" revealed.
Anonymous juice
***Author response***
12/28/2008 5:30:00 PM
A Nickle CB blitzing is cheezy? hmmm.... I see that every week in the NFL
12/29/2008 12:24:00 AM
Not the nickle blitz but when you manually speed rush him it is....its very easy to loop around the Oline with a 90spd cb and get a easy sack...and thats what i got out of what you said...Only when you rush him in yourself its cheesy in my book.
Anonymous juice
***Author response***
12/29/2008 8:07:00 AM
Shouldn't be easy for CB to loop around a 320 pound lineman? You have to put you HB there to block...easy to defened.
12/29/2008 6:12:00 PM
Cheesy in my book...just my opinion...its outlawed in alot of sim leagues iv been in...and east room people do it all the time...
12/29/2008 11:25:00 PM
Manually controlling your DB on blitz outside is cheese that is any easy sack every time cause the offensive line is clueless in this game. Let the computer control the DB until the QB tries to roll out.

All other stuff posted is good but very elementary basic football 101.
Anonymous juice
***Author response***
12/30/2008 7:26:00 AM
I don't play much in the lobbys but playing a O-lineman in high school it wasn't my job to pick up a DB blitz. A DB blitz is the HB or TE pick up. I have people do it all the time to me and I never have a problem. I could see it being chez if you do it alot. I use it about twice a game.
12/30/2008 4:32:00 PM
Juice i understand what your talkin about...and iv never had it done to me in UL league game or tournament...This isn't real football and the OLine arnt quick enough to react to it... Like i said thats the only think that i didn't like bout your 101 defense...Everything is good.
Anonymous juice
***Author response***
12/31/2008 6:07:00 AM
I understand what you guys are saying, plus you play alot more than me. I see where it is chez if you use it alot. If you play someone in this league who did it to you once or twice during the game, would you consider that chez?(not on key plays) Cause I have done it once or twice with nobody saying anthing to me...just want to make sure I am playing fair.
12/31/2008 9:49:00 AM
Most likly not if you used it one or twice and it wasn't a big third down....
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