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The Juice is Loose! (Anonymous juice)

 Litte bit here and a little bit there.

Golf help New Driver / GPS or rangefinder? 2/11/2009 11:10:00 AM


Ok guys and gals,

It's that time of year when the new golf clubs come in and last year models go on sale.  I really would like to take some of my tax return money and get a new driver and a GPS or range finder.

Let’s start with the Driver

Things you need to know

Average score - 90-95

Current driver - Titlist 905S 9.5 loft

3 Wood - Nike Sumo2 13 loft

Irons - Nike Ignites

Average Drive - 250

Money to spend for driver - 200$

Now I really like my current driver but I think the head is too small.  More suited for a better golf who wants to do different things with his drive. Me, I just want a nice straight drive off the tee maybe a little fade or draw.  Plus I would like to add about 15 yards to my drive.  With my current driver I really can't swing that fast, I lose control over the flight of my ball.  So I was thinking of going with a bigger more forgiving driver head so I can put more speed on my swing.  I really like my Nike 3 wood, thinking about going with the 5900 sumo but was wondering if anyone seen good performance out of there with a new driver.

Next, I want to get a GPS or rangefinder.  The only beef I has is with a GPS it’s not 100% with the range all the time due to new hole locations.  With a rangefinder I can get really close to distance.  The courses around here have big greens so it can be the difference of 15 yards from front to back hole location. Let me know about the one you have used..pros cons ext....


Tips, I love to read ways to improve my golf game.  I have only been golfing for about a year and just now getting into a good swing. Either it be a website or word of mouth. 


2/11/2009 11:21:00 AM
Two summers ago I bought an R7 Super Quad and I'm loving it. I've stopped playing for the most part because of school and money, but it's a great driver. I also looked at the Cleveland Hi-Bores and those were very good clubs. I'd take a look at the Taylor Made, Cleveland, or Callaway series of drivers if I were you.

I'd look up and see if SkyCaddy has your area courses in their systems, they work really well and you can even enter your course in the system yourself.
2/12/2009 10:04:00 PM
Any of the new generation Cobra drivers should really give you what your looking for. I had to buy everything fresh last Sprign as my clubs were stolen and couldnt be happier with my Cobra. I have last years model but have finally found the club with a great sweet spot and ability to help make up for my mistakes. Demo them for sure. Demo DEMO DEMO! Make sure it feels good in the store at the least. Cus if it doesnt feel good there. The course will hurt even more!

Good Luck!
2/14/2009 12:07:00 PM
I got the Callaway FT-5 at the end of last season along with the x-20 tour irons. I've always been a big fan of callway. I had the 905T and really liked that driver, but went ahead and got the FT-5 since I had callaway irons. I got it brand new off ebay for a whopping 90 dollars, and couldn't be happier with it.

They also have 3 biases to choose from.....neutral, draw, and fade. Ebay is the way to go though man, I got my whole new set for less than 500. Driver, irons and 3-wood.
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