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The Juice is Loose! (Anonymous juice)

 Litte bit here and a little bit there.

Going over a bunch of crap! 8/5/2009 10:01:00 AM

Let's start of with real life before we move into games. 

  • I got my driver, I went with the Nike sumo 2 at 11.5 degrees.  I really like the feel of it and hits great.  It can help with a slice and a hook.  Only draw back, which I hate is it has a high ball flight.  I went back to the 9.5 Titlest that is more of a ball shaping driver.  Now I am trying to work on the 300 yrd drive.  The sad thing is that I am not even close.  I have been learning more and more every week.  Big thing is that I tense up, soon as I break that I should be on my way. Last week I had a drive of 266 yards......I will keep you guys updated.
  • Football is only 4 weeks away! I am soo pumped.  Hopefully my Cowboys can click this year and win a playoff game.  I think Flex Jones is going to have a huge year! 
  • My son is now 6 months only and he just keeps on growing.  He has double is weight and is standing up almost on his own.  There is no better feeling than having a child in this world that is yours.  Makes you stand taller and feel better.  Soon he will be on here kick ass! Heck yesterday he put his bottle down for the 360 controller.  That's my boy.

Now onto the games

  • College football this year sucks to me.  I have so many issues its not even funny.  Like whats up with the defense?  User picks are so hard to come by this year.  Then how in the hell do you have bump and run coverage in college football?  The Oline can't block for there life.... and zone cover is just awful.  It's going to be hard too keep in the top 10 for me this year.
  • I am kinda iffy on madden this year.  The speed is just to slow for me.  These are NFL players right?  Faster, bigger and smart than college players right? So why doesn't the game play mock that? I will just have to see when it comes out.
  • Tiger Woods golf is great this year.  The models look great and the game play is smooth.  Just the putting is a little wacky sometimes.  The only issue is the online tournments.  How in the hell are you suppose to win, win players shoot -92 in four rounds?
  • I might poke my head into some basketball this year.  Wig does a great job at running that league that has a solid core of good players.


d heck26
8/6/2009 10:50:00 AM
Great comments on all. Keep us posted on your tee shots with the driver. I have played golf 4 times this year already and plan on playing every weekend myself. LOVE IT! Congrats on your son. My son is 10 now... time flies! And I know exactly what you mean, there is no greater love than the love you have for a child. Great post Anonymous.
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