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The Juice is Loose! (Anonymous juice)

 Litte bit here and a little bit there.

Juice is now a tree hugger! 2/23/2010 11:12:00 AM

So for the last two years I was a proud owner of my 2007 Toyota Tundra Crewmax.  This thing was a beast!  It was big and fast with enough horsepower to pull a 32ft boat with out missing a beat.  It was roomy inside, and the back seats had the most leg room I have ever seen in a truck.  Well with all these Toyota recalls, my wife was uneasy when driving.  I quote her when she said”I feel like the truck is going to come alive like transformers and kill me."  Plus it didn't help that yet, to this date the Toyota dealership hasn't contact me on getting my repair almost three weeks after the recall.  So I had to get some new.

Before I own the Tundra I had a Tahoe that I bought with 60k miles on it, and lasted to 130k with no problems at all.  So I told my wife we would go look at some of the newer models and see what they have.  Well we test drove a 2009 hybrid Tahoe and it was great.  It was so smooth and quiet it was amazing, felt like a Cadillac.  The inside had the build in NAV and DVD player in the front and back.  So I now own a hybrid Tahoe, which I never thought I would buy a hybrid in a million years.  The gas mile is amazing for a full size SUV.  If you’re good, and easy on the gas you can get a easy 26+ miles in the city.  On the highway doing 70 MPH I was get between 24 and 25 miles per gallon.  Very happy with and would HIGHLY RECOMMENED to anyone.

2/23/2010 4:19:00 PM
When I saw tree hugger, I was thinking of something completely different. I guess I misread you Juice...
Anonymous juice
***Author response***
2/24/2010 6:16:00 AM says "Someone who works to protect the environment from destruction or pollution." lol what where you thinking?
2/28/2010 9:14:00 AM
i think i have a pretty good idea of what he was
ChAn U wIn
3/9/2010 7:27:00 PM
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