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whats cookin in jKNOXs kitchen (MeatSauceCity)
Kansas Krew Preseason Fifa Tournament. 9/26/2011 1:33:00 PM

Sunday, September 25th marked the 1st annual Kansas Krew Pre-Season FIFA tournament. This year’s lucky participants were 3 current members of the United Leagues, VivaLaFalcao, V Card Masta, & KBcatchesTDs. The other designated participant by way of the 3 man committed including the current members, was Ex-UL member who is now banned for his harassments against UL officials, was Absolute Bananas.

The format of the KK Tourney was a double elimination bracket. With VivaLaFalcao coming in as the #1 Seed, AbsoluteBananas#2, V Card#3, & KB#4. MLS teams were used in all games played.

The tournament lasted approximately 2 hours and featured many battles that could not be replicated anywhere, except in the southeast corner of Kansas. After the 1st round of matchups, AbsoluteBananas & VivaLaFalcao (VLF) found themselves in the winner’s bracket. As the two Fifa new comers found themselves on the bottom of the bracket.

V Card Masta was the first to be knocked out of this tournament, the youthful competitor that is still trying to find a way to tie all of his physical tools together for a 90 minute match. He had this to say after the tournament, "Every day is a chance to get better, we took the pitch with no expectations and played hard, challenged hard, but in the end we just fell hard. I feel like we have to take the good out of this tournament & prepare ourselves for the annual 8 Man UL Cups. You can count on a better V Card this year! Will I hoist the trophy? Well it may be a little early for that, but I can guarantee we are going to work our butts off to compete every time we take the pitch." V Card dropped game 1 to AbsoluteBananas 3-2. Robbie Keane scored two goals for V Card in this one. In game 2 he dropped a tough one to KB, 1-0.

KB dropped the first game of his tournament 1-0 to VLF. He then redeemed himself by beating V Card, but then had to face rival VLF yet again. In game 2 it went for 120+ minutes until KB finally fell in a shootout to the New England Revolution. He had high hopes coming into this tournament & felt like he could have performed better. After the tournament he had this to say when reporters asked how he felt about losing to VLF twice in one tournament, "I felt like I underachieved in the first game. I didn't have any shots on target and I easily could have given up more than 1 goal. Game two I was a lot happier with. Not to say that I'm happy with a loss, but we competed well and had some good chances to win that game. There is a lot of work left to be done but rest assured the club will be ready once the season starts and game 1 is open. No more questions."

This left the final to be played, between once partners in UL, AbsoluteBananas & VLF. Absolute Bananas came out in this one like he had something to prove against one of the UL Fifa leagues continuous bottom feeders. As he went on to hoist the KK trophy after the Gambian, Mustapha Jarju put in the hattie for the WhiteCaps. Teal Bunbury of Sporting Kansas City did put in a goal right before half to half to make it a 2-1 game going into break. But Whitecaps scored the all critical 4th goal of the game to secure the victory. AbsoluteBananas was not available for comment after the game, but his agent did have this to say, "My client just went out there, and did what he knew he could do, and finally notch some points, & a championship against MLS caliber users." As for VLF's tough loss in the finals, "SKC just didn't come out and play good defense, we sucked. I will seek vengeance in the PL when I take Pont's Newcastle United off the board at the #1 spot."

Pictures of this competition will be up on our website as soon as they become available.

Benjimin Dittman- United League News Corp

V Card Masta
9/27/2011 1:14:00 AM
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