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Take a dip in the most electrifying blog in the UL. The Shark Tank will be your place for all the Sharks thoughts. Sharko's thoughts on Labor Agreements, Season snap shots in the UL, Season snap shots in the real world, Pujols Watch and the source of content for ULBR. United Leagues Beat Reports : The in your face beat reporting of UL ownership.

Spring Is In The Air 2/20/2011 11:23:00 AM

Pitchers and Catchers have reported, position players are on their way. Pujols is putting his house on the market and Milton Bradley is asking TSA if a straight jacket is on board carryable. Baseball season is upon us. Confirmation deadline is looming, and there is more movement in the draft order than Miguel Cabrara automobile on an interstate.  Is it a mad dash to draft the Philllies and their potent gonna win 100 games pitching staff? Or a bidding war to emulate the World Series performance of Mitch Kramer and the San Fransico Giants?

With out further ado, I give you Sharko Libre's 2011 MLB Predictions

AL West

Whats it gonna take to transfer the Astros to this division? But since they have to play with 4...

  1. Texas Rangers
  2. Anaheim Angels
  3. Oakland Athletics
  4. Seattle Mariners

Will Texas be able to follow up the year they just had...losing their DH and posibly losing their club house leader Michael Young, they still may win the divison by default. Their +100 Run diferential wont change much and thats still the way to win games...score more runs.

AL Central

  1. Chicago White Sox
  2. Minnesota Twins
  3. Detroit Tigers
  4. Kansas City Royals
  5. Cleveland Indians

Is this the year the Sox hold on and keep the Twins at bay? It may be all on a healthy Peavy and continued success by an outfield with a price tag that  almost rivals the in city rivals to the North. (Ok maybe not)

AL East

The division nobody cares about right? I wish these games were on TV ESPN. Is this the year of the Oriole?

  1. New York Yankees
  2. Boston Red Sox
  3. Tampa Rays
  4. Toronto Blue Jays
  5. Baltimore Orioles

Tampa wants to be in it. But with the loss of Crawford, Pena and Garza...can the older Damon and Manny fill those holes? I don't believe so. The Yankees will have their share of distractions, but they will win this division before Labor Day. You heard it here first.

NL East

This looks on paper like a hands down beast in the east, but not so fast my friends.

  1. Atlanta Braves
  2. Philadelphia Phillies
  3. Florida Marlins
  4. New York Mets
  5. Washington Nationals

Sure that looks like an easy call, but a healthy Braves team can throw a wrentch in Phillies' plans easily. No problem. Philly has the super star  rotation, but this Brave team is gonna surprise people. Their 3 game series to close out the season is going to be HUGE!!

NL Central

Get your home horn out, this is the year.

  1. Chicago Cubs
  2. Cincinnati Reds
  3. MIlwaukee Brewers
  4. St. Louis Cardinals
  5. Houston Astros
  6. Pittsburg Pirates

The Reds and MVP Votto were a flash in a pan. And if anyone knows how to follow up a great season with a dud...its Dusty Baker. Pujols Watch is going to be a bigger distraction than ESPN wants it to be. With that jerk Larussa half way to the fishing boat and the media putting a price tag on every move the Machine Watch the Brewers make a bigger splash than the Cards in the NLC race.

NL West

  1. San Fransico Giants
  2. Colorado Rockies
  3. Los Angeles Dodgers
  4. San Deigo Padres
  5. Arizon Diamond Backs

87 wins will win this division this year. And Pitching will be the key. The Rockies will make their usual second half run, but this is the division that no one will care about. The differentail between top to bottom and everything in between will be so great, and the Giants will be a one win post season team. WATCH!

WILD CARDS: Twins Phillies


The White Sox will get through the AL with less ease than 05, but beat the Twins and The Yanks.

The Cubs wont have to play LA or have terrible 9pm central first pitch times for a team that plays most their games at 120. They press their luck against the toughest of pitchers and beat Atlanta and Philly.

This is the Year!


Chicago is going to be the Sports Center of the Universe this summer. The Bulls winning the NBA, The Hawks playing Cinderella 8th seeding their way to defending their Cup and a Red Line World Series thats going to flat line the city for two weeks in October. A great distraction from the no pressure 5-0 start the Bears will jump out to.

The Bigg Dawgg
2/20/2011 4:33:00 PM
Hahaha riiiiiiiiiiiight. The cubs look good for the first two months then will tank it like always. Don't overlook the reds man. A lot of very young talent that I've personally seen play here in louisville as we are their farm team. Votto might not win mvp again but I think the reds will still do their thing
2/20/2011 5:46:00 PM
You heard it here first, the Dodgers will win the NL West!
2/20/2011 8:13:00 PM
This is good stuff!
2/21/2011 9:55:00 PM
Sharko, You're the man. That's why I am coming to live in your neighbors trash cans. And we will wreak havoc in your neighborhood. Then when Jackson comes of age to be a Ul'er I will coach him so he's never as bad as his father at gaming. HEY CHICAGO WHADDYA SAY??? CUBS ARE GONNA WIN TODAY.
Sharko Libre
***Author response***
2/23/2011 12:08:00 PM
Wainwright out! Looks like 4th wasnt a stretch call for the Red Birds. SHARK KNOWS!
2/23/2011 5:11:00 PM
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