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Take a dip in the most electrifying blog in the UL. The Shark Tank will be your place for all the Sharks thoughts. Sharko's thoughts on Labor Agreements, Season snap shots in the UL, Season snap shots in the real world, Pujols Watch and the source of content for ULBR. United Leagues Beat Reports : The in your face beat reporting of UL ownership.

Commissioner Sharko Libre 8/29/2011 5:12:00 PM

After and extended several weeks of silence, The Shark Tank is here to give you the exclusive interview you have been waiting for...the  official press release of Commissioner Sharko Libre. 


The Shark Tank caught up to the new commish after an extensive secret investigation into DakPak's vacation and right before his evacation of the damaging hurricane Irene. A not so well rested Sharko Libre was back and ready to command the needs of both the XBCF and XBD2 NCAA Leagues. 

Shark Tank: Commissioner Sharko, what did your investigation into DakPak and the U uncover? 


CS: Officially, there is nothing wrong with the way the U, players at the U, and DakPak specifically are handling their "goings on" in south beach. 

ST: So here you are Sharko, Commissioner of the NCAA as it pertains to United Leagues. How did this come about? Many say blackmail, others say paid in advance, how did you get to where you are today Commissioner. 

CS: Well, as you sit here today and call me Commisson we must take the time to thank Gadnaa for his service as Batman. His leaving to face the troubles and problems facing his town and the good people of Peoria is admireable and we wish him luck. As he stepped down, JM asked me to step up. 

ST: So JM came to you? 

CS: In what was called a "battlefield decision", JM looked to his left, and to his right and realized that the only one that could do this league justice would be me. With no disrespect to my fellow ULers, he needed someone that's not afraid to spend the first half of his day at work ignoring his job and figuring out divisions for a D2 league of garbage C and below rated teams. 

ST: And now here you are, the mouth of the south of the UL and constant stirrer of the pot, given the reins to one of the most competitve leagues in the UL. Hows that going to fare? 

CS: Well, there was an agreement, a 17 page Code of Conduct that all admins must adhear think they are strict with the GNP reports, try picking a side in a cheeser debate...I now have become neutral to all debate and banter. The rivalry between the tens of Shark Haters and I has been put on hold- to be handled between the lines and on the sticks. 

ST: Your first announcement had your first business putting Kentucky football on the map with the Governors Cup as a game of the week, do we get to look forward ot other obscure rivalries and your passion for the SEC to bleed into your control over the XBCF? 

CS: Yes and No. You will see teams and owners that might slip through the cracks or under the radar be showcased and featured in News and Games of The Week, but my SEC love will not permiate through the league. There are too many good owners throughout the realm of the NCAA that even if I wanted too, it would be hard to ignore their talents. I will be fair to the Nation with my selections and let the records speak for themselves. 

ST: And your second act, now that we are 5 weeks into the season, what do you have in store? 

CS: well, I'm a Commissioner first, and an Owner second- and I have a huge bounce back. A heart breaking lose to overcome and climb back up myself...The Tide are a good team, and the loses are only attributed to my distracted coaching. Not to take anything away from USC, but that loss was uncalled for by the Tide and I will make some noise. I was going to feature myself against UCLA as the GoW, but I'm not one to toot my own horn. So once everything is in order in my office here at UL Headquarters in Texas, I will be on the practice field applying stickem spray to my WR gloves. 

ST: And what about your current 10 game losing streak in the D2 League?

CS: Dont worry about that...we'll be ok. Notice I picked a team in Texas...nice and close to the UL HQ. 

So there he is, the newest Admin to the UL and Commissioner to the NCAA in United Leagues, Sharko Libre. Focusing on the pageantry of the NCAA and his win percentage as well, Sharko looks to keep the competive nature of his rants quiet as he maintains the leagues. Sharko's title is officially labled as Interim Admin, but he hopes to earn his stripes. 


Look forward to more Shark Tank interactions as we follow the career of Sharko Libre. 



8/29/2011 7:22:00 PM
What have I done...

*hands to the face*
8/29/2011 9:02:00 PM
I'm just glad that your internet is working.
8/29/2011 10:04:00 PM
I was expecting this to be done sometimes in December due to your bad internet.
The Bigg Dawgg
8/29/2011 11:36:00 PM
Thanks jm lol thisll be interesting.........
d heck26
8/31/2011 10:23:00 AM
Bud Selig II?
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