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Take a dip in the most electrifying blog in the UL. The Shark Tank will be your place for all the Sharks thoughts. Sharko's thoughts on Labor Agreements, Season snap shots in the UL, Season snap shots in the real world, Pujols Watch and the source of content for ULBR. United Leagues Beat Reports : The in your face beat reporting of UL ownership.

UCLA Game of The Week Backlash 10/5/2011 2:02:00 PM

The Shark Tank has had 1 or 2 emails flood into their in box in reply to the Week 9 Game of the Week selection. We head to the Commissioners office to get to the bottom of this selection and omittion of the Ohio State @ Iowa matchup of the unbeatens. 

SHARK TANK: Sharko, Why the highlight of UCLA v USC? Isn't this just a cupcake match for Crazy to pad stats and run up the score? 

Sharko Libre: You see there, thats the impression that you can get, however...the game of the week committee selects the match ups, not just one Shark. 

ST: Thats news to us, I mean we saw the awesome writeup for GMoney last week, but those are few and far between. 

SL: On top of making sure we get good matchups, we also want to feature games that the community wants. At time of print the Buckeyes still had not played the Sooners, who wants to watch a pair of 1 loss teams play? 

ST: Are you predicting a Sooner win? 

SL: Im just saying, at the end of the day, a match up of the battle for LA looks better on paper- so we ran with it. 

ST: Speaking of running with it, it apears Crazy Wence 2.0 is running his mouth and flexing his muscles on other publications with many reactions to you and your policies. Alleging your calling him a cheeser and talking up his "Sexy Pistol" offense. Is that warraned? 

SL: Its not, but its okay, hes undefeated...hes earned his right to do that. But to say the SEC is ignorant to the beauty of the Pistol is incorrect. We at Alabama run the pistol in a few situations....he wouldn't know that because he puts the controller down on defense, but its there. We try. Its all in the execution, and this season Alabama is not executing. 

ST: Wait, did you just say Carzy doesnt play defense?

SL: no no. You're puting words in my mouth. I said he puts the controller down on defense. 

ST: 0_o 

SL: Next Question!

ST: There seems to be quite the rivalry between you two. 

SL: Everyone loves to hate the Shark. Its no different than other rivalries you see in the UL. Sharko vs The World, JakeDaSnakee vs The World, Fiddy14 vs himself! Thats what this place breeds, great competition.

ST: Speaking of Jake, looks like his 1/3 of the playbook big win created some excitement in the forums.

SL: It sure did, and it should. Heres a guy Jake, thats in the middle of a great run, clawing his way to the top of the polls and beating the teams in front of him the only way he knows a BOSS! Its like Warren Sapp said, you talk tough- put on a jersey! And Jake is just handling his business. 

ST: The Shark tank is planning on releasing a rating for you, this the halfway point of your first season as a Commish..what grade would you give yourself?

SL: So far...a C+. 

ST: C+? Why so low. 

SL: Average...a little better. I have a good season going, that I didnt start...I also have not had a lot of players jump ship...GNPs are a but high, but all in all...we have good game, good chatter and its going well. C+ at midterm and still able to get an A come Finals season...I say thats accurate. 

ST: Well thats good. Like I said wew will have the report out soon enough. but your grade as Owner / Commish is D+...go get some wins, we're cheering for ya. 

SL: Easier said than done. Thank s. 


Thats our look at why UCLA and USC are week 9 GotW. Looks like the Shark might be drinking the Kool Aid of UCLA, hes also big on the Sooners and loves the chatter and rivalries being made here in the UL. 

Next Week, our full Unbiased review of Sharko Libre the Commissioner. 

10/5/2011 5:40:00 PM
put the control down on defense?!? MADNESS!!!
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