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Take a dip in the most electrifying blog in the UL. The Shark Tank will be your place for all the Sharks thoughts. Sharko's thoughts on Labor Agreements, Season snap shots in the UL, Season snap shots in the real world, Pujols Watch and the source of content for ULBR. United Leagues Beat Reports : The in your face beat reporting of UL ownership.

XBCF 2011 Hall Of Fame Ceremony Red Carpet Special 12/22/2011 1:52:00 PM

Welcome to the 2011 XBCF Hall of Fame. Where we crown the winners and awards for the season past. An historic season where the same team, West Virgina Moutaineers have won back to back titles. A feat accomplished by coach / owner...but never the team owner tandem being the same. Lets head down to the red carpet, where Mario Lopez has caught up with CTgotDAGameonLokD, 2011 Owner of the Season...Mario


Mario Lopez- Yes, Im here with Knute Rockne winner CT. Carl, not the season you hoped with the Cardinal, but a Heritage Bowl win and the Owner of the Season Award. How about that?

"Its an honor. We had fun and thats what its about. At the end of the day, we just had some things not work out as a team. Andrew Luck has a lot of pressure and I wish him the best in the NFL, but honestly...hes a little over rated and I look forward to caoching a kid that doesnt have a head too big for his helmet, if you know what I mean?"

Mario- Thank Carl. Congrats,  over here! Over here! Luis! Over here! I'm here with the crazy man, Crazy Wence 2. Luis. Lots of hype...lots of talk...and a run to the end that had you on the outside looking in. And only 2 awards your conference and Freedom that indictive of the fact that perhaps your pistol wasnt all you made it out to be?

::Pulls out his pistol from shoulder holster and whips Mario Lopez::

As the paramedics tend to Mario Lopez we go to Ryan Seacrest standing by with Nakedbuddha.

Ryan- You know thats no surprize, Luis has no class during interviews...I digress, Buddha- congradulations. Your season total for turnovers was as much as some teams average in a game. Truely amazing.

"About half way through the season we knew we had a special team. We just wish we had a few more breaks and an few more wins."

Ryan- Thanks Here comes Pontification, another surpise winner this season with some pretty hefty defensive awards. Chris, tell us about your season

"They say defense wins championships, but when the clock hits all zero's you need to have more points than the opponent right? But we have something to build on. It was a good run...we just coulnt stop the run"

Ryan- Vince Lombardi and Jim Thorpe Winner Pontification. Here comes the Champ....Champ! GMONEY Congratulations. Back to Back!

"You bet my man. Hey where's big booty Lopez? I do exclusive interviews with big booty Lopez."

Ryan- There was a pistol whip situation...Im not sure...

"Someone whipped J.Lo!?!?"

Ryan- no, No Mario Lopez...have you seen his rump?

"What!? Look here, Back to Back has been done before and I'll be back looking for more"

Ryan- There you have it. We have some exciting things to look forward too.



An indepth interview with the Shark is still to come.

Congradulations XBCF

12/22/2011 3:10:00 PM
For the record, I had nothing but respect for Dan Patrick and his crew when I did that interview! And I never did like that Mario Lopez! Great Job Shark, great season to all!
12/22/2011 7:55:00 PM
12/24/2011 9:28:00 AM
Nice write up
12/24/2011 9:30:00 AM
Nice write up
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