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Hey guys, just gonna be doing some basic bloggin in here. Some stuff on the Pittsburgh Penguins (STH) and some stuff here and there from the UL Leagues I run.

stay tuned..



NHL 09 Patch Released on PS3.. 360 very soon!! 2/17/2009 10:36:00 AM

what the patch includes..


Posted by Redshirt-EA

Here are the release notes for the second patch.

Exploit fixes:

-Prevent players from entering games with attributes that are raised beyond the level they can reach with the card they are entitled to have. Players who have elevated their attributes this way should reset their character by changing the type and reassigning their points.
-Limit the size of human goalies in OTP/EASHL games to 6'4" (NOTE: it will still allow them to be set larger, but the actual height in game will not go above the new limit).
-Fixed some problems that could cause the game to hang or go out of sync when pausing.
- Prevent use of LB to get up instantly after being knocked over.
-Reduce accuracy of shooting while using vision control to skate backwards.
-Prevent high, accurate slap shots from in close to the net.

Other changes:

-Reduced the ease of beating the goalie on the short side.
-Decrease the tendency of the goalies to use a desperation save unnecessarily.
-Strict calling of interference, though you can still clear players directly in front of the net without getting called for interference.
-Added stick lift to Classic controls using LB+X(XBox) /L1+Square(PS3). It is also on R3 (press Right Stick).
-Fixed shot targeting using the Always Up control when skating down ice.
-Added new NHL rule to locate face- offs in the attacking zone to start a powerplay.
- Prevent CPU players from getting delay of game penalties frequently while clearing the puck from their zone.
- Prevent puck from being poke checked away from the goalie when he has it covered under his glove.
-Reduced the amount of time it takes to get control of the last man back, holding RT(Xbox)/R2(PS3)
-Reduced the amount of time it takes to get control of the goalie, holding LB+A(Xbox)/L1+X(PS3)
-Reduce the range of heights on randomly generated CPU players, including goalies.
-Eliminate the ability to accelerate and maintain high speed which stick lifting.
-More penalties for high sticking when stick lifts are done from behind the opponent.
-Made the colours of the OTP/EASHL indicators more distinct (yellow and orange).
-Made face-off outcomes slightly more random and slightly less dependent on attributes.
-Added assistance to prevent one-timer and shot attempts from leading to accidental hits and interference penalties.
-Goalie tuning to increase goal-scoring a bit to compensate for taking away the easy short-side high goals.
-Improve hit stat tracking to not count all of the small bumps in front of the net.
-Increased injuries caused by CPU teams.
-Prevent puck from being launched with very high speed following a hit.
-AI tuning for superstar. The Aggression slider now affects how intense the CPU team is on that difficulty level.

The patch is out for PS3, but not yet for Xbox360.


***Author response***
2/17/2009 10:38:00 AM
thank you ea for making these changes and making the game even better than it is now.

love that the goalies will not flop like they do now. also love that the close to net slap shot is gone now as well. whoever scores that way is ghey lol. you never see a slap shot from 2 feet away.. UNLESS you are Pavel Bure on a breakaway scoring into an empty net lol.

awesome, penalty starts in the offensive zone.

stick lifts less effective and slow ya down when ya do them..

2/17/2009 4:10:00 PM
I want the guys that make NHL to switch to FIFA. This kind of customer service is quite good.
2/17/2009 4:14:00 PM
All looks good, looking forward to the release on the 360 & increased EASHL action!
***Author response***
2/17/2009 5:09:00 PM
i will reset the eashl team when the patch drops, send out the invites one last time!!
2/18/2009 2:21:00 PM
Y'all have an EASHL team?? I used to play a lot (mostly pick-up OTP) before the 99 glitch became too common and told myself I wouldn't play again until it got fixed. I'd be very interested to join you guys once the patch drops.
***Author response***
2/18/2009 4:06:00 PM
i will shoot an invite to ya when the patch drops, as well as add ya to the team on the site..
2/19/2009 8:57:00 AM
SWEET... oh ya Fiddy is ghey for saying ghey
***Author response***
2/19/2009 9:33:00 AM
bah.. ghey
2/19/2009 12:30:00 PM
Do you know if these fixes are exclusive to the EASHL only, or to all types of game play?
***Author response***
2/19/2009 12:57:00 PM
all gameplay modes..
DoMiNaTioN x21
2/19/2009 7:47:00 PM
"also love that the close to net slap shot is gone now as well. whoever scores that way is ghey lol."

that's my bread and butter move in ranked versus lol...I doubt it is fully gone, I'll believe it when I see it ;)
***Author response***
2/19/2009 7:59:00 PM
grrr dom lol.. you better than that!!

yeah, i'll believe it when i see it as well, but from what ps3 guys are saying, its gone..

i just wish the game wouldn't allow a slap shot animation from that close.
2/20/2009 5:04:00 AM
With all good things come bad things.. they got rid of the side of net slapper, and vision breakaway, however they made the overall play of the cpu goalie "bad" from the ppl I talked to. Also, the "curve shot" is back, kinda. From what Im told, its even easier to score with this patch than the prior patch. So we will see.. either way, it wont matter considering my team (Legends Never Die) will continue to stretch are lead! :) See ya out there, hopefully we match up 1 day!
***Author response***
2/20/2009 6:44:00 AM
from what i read, they may delete all the eashl team records and make people start fresh. esp with all the juicing etc that went on.

i hope they do that..
2/22/2009 6:16:00 AM
You hope they do that? Why? Honestly, its easiest for the people who have showed little to no dedication to say "just whip the stats". Maybe if you had putten hours apon hours and weeks apon weeks of time into the league and a team, your view of a total reset would not be the same.
***Author response***
2/22/2009 8:38:00 AM
lol wrong.. i didnt put in the time bc of cheesers.. bc of the juicers. i know you know about juicing etc. what fun is it playing teams and guys that have all the stats etc maxed? none at all.. EA addressed knowing that these teams were cheating, so they are gonna do something about it, hopefully. funny how guys think its FUN to juice and cheat for what? a 70 dollar prize? lol
2/23/2009 12:44:00 PM
Your decision, and the "juice" has only been around about 45 days. My point being is, 90% of the league is juiced. I didn't say it was "fun" having to deal with that, but it is reality. I think its fun to beat teams, and than laugh at them when they tell us "your juiced" when its clear they are juiced themselves and just mad they lost 7-0.. ;) Dom. And no 1 knows what the prize will be, but what is rumored is ALOT more than 70 bucks. The trip to Van will run them more then $500 ne ways.
***Author response***
2/23/2009 1:29:00 PM
lol juicing first surfaced around september 12th. just after the game hit the shelves. didnt it come out the first week of septemeber? check out some serious nhl 09 message boards, do a search and you will find the info there. i found it at league gaming.. date being? septemeber 12th.. this whole eashl thing has been juiced basically since day 1. i hope they delete all records.. then you guys can get back on top with a small amount of work and win that awesome prize..
2/23/2009 8:05:00 PM
The NHL BAP attribute glitch surfaced around then, however it didn't really work. A very small amount of teams/players are accused of doing/knowing this glitch from the get-go. It's just hard for me to believe a stat reset will change the top 20 much, if at all. It does however waste more time having to play games all over again. And don't kid yourself, it would be a noob hunt - whoever plays the most games wins mentality to "race" for the top. Not needed at all. A point re-scale though, maybe.
***Author response***
2/23/2009 9:33:00 PM
what you mean it didnt really work? sure did work from all the posts etc i read. seemed like a lot of teams were doing it etc.

its ashame for teams that were legit and didnt juice. but they may have ruined it for all of you guys by maybe resetting the eashl standings. i doubt they do it, but as i mentioned would love to see it.

see everyone cry and moan about it would be worth it for me lol :)
2/24/2009 12:30:00 PM
This is cute.
2/24/2009 1:12:00 PM
The NHL BAP just made your attributes increase in "look" but it did not effect performance. IE: You saw 94 speed but speed was really whatever you set it at previously.

The real shame is people really are begging for a reset. There crying and moaning is a lot funnier. Especially since the people who want the reset the most have shown very little interest in the league up until this point.

Like all sports, bandwagon fans seem to appear out of nowhere and disappear just as easily after.
***Author response***
2/24/2009 2:21:00 PM
you are cute hoff smooch.

actually it does work (ratings, show 94, is 94), or they wouldn't be changing it..

obviously our eashl team plays just for fun, we are not worried about winning etc. that's obvious!! we want to have a fun FAIR game. that is all..


sucks that a guy like yourself (and a few others) left the UL eashl team bc we werent good enough for you and that you needed to win real bad in this. i hope yins do win!! good luck!! share the prize would ya..
2/24/2009 2:47:00 PM
That's what the ladies tell me, at least when I'm not playing video games all the time. =)
***Author response***
2/24/2009 3:01:00 PM
2/25/2009 12:07:00 PM
"sucks that a guy like yourself (and a few others) left the UL eashl team bc we werent good enough for you"

Sad that's how you feel and this is what all this is really about. I left the UL team because when I was on, no 1 was ever on except maybe 1/2 other guys. Also, the UL had a "fun first" attitude.

Because I chose to have a more "win first" attitude I guess that makes me a jerk. Sorry you feel that way, was no diss to you or anyone else when I made my decision to play elsewhere.
2/25/2009 7:00:00 PM
When is this patch hitting xbox? or has it already?
***Author response***
3/3/2009 6:35:00 AM
the patch is out as of this morning..

i love you all, including you blk7 :)
DoMiNaTioN x21
3/8/2009 3:31:00 PM
They toned down the scoring way too much...there's still some things that sort of work but way, way too many random goals...I guess this is EA's way of evening the playing field...you can absolutely dominate someone and lose on some garbage goals...I've seen the goalies play out of their mind and also let in the weakest shots ever...For this reason our EASHL team is strictly only playing 6v6 games from now on, no more playing against computer goalies
***Author response***
3/11/2009 6:57:00 AM
great patch ea, get rid of the bs (for most part) and make games about skill, not who can out cheese one another. skill finally over cheese? maybe in nhl 2010.

overall great patch!!
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