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Hey guys, just gonna be doing some basic bloggin in here. Some stuff on the Pittsburgh Penguins (STH) and some stuff here and there from the UL Leagues I run.

stay tuned..



Penguins vs Devils (The Unofficial Home Opener) 10/12/2008 10:10:00 AM

Well i went to the Igloo last night for the Penguins Unofficial Home Opener. I have not not missed a home opener that i can remember in 10 plus years. But, IMO this so called homer opener sucked. Starting the seaosn over seas ruined what usually is an awesome feeling when you step foot into the Igloo for the first time. Something just didnt feel right. The crowd was ok, but more laid back than what im used to seeing and hearing for the first home game of the season.

The game started and the Pens had a bit of energy bc of the crowd and what not. You could def tell out  the gate that the Devils played the night before (beating the isles 2-1). But that changed pretty quick IMO, the Devils took a few stupid penaltys but that didnt matter. They still took the play to the Pens after the kills. The Devil himself Satan put home a rebound after another Devils penalty to get the Pens on the board first. It was nice to see Satan get his first goal as a Guin, but other than that did anyone else notice him on the ice? bc i sure didnt. Crosby will have his work cut out for him this year if him and Satan and Fedo dont gell. Heck, all the lines tonight just looked out of sync.

Was it bc of the strip overseas? maybe.. but the Pens will have their work cut out for them this season.

I thought for sure we would see the new "Pittsburghs Own" Bill Thomas in the lineup, but he was out. Instead MT dressed Sydor in his spot and he played LW on the 4th line as well as 2nd unit PP time.. Sydor looked like a lost puppy playing LW, but the Pens brass just  trying to keep him happy.. good move IMO.

Letang and Goligoski looked good at the blueline. Solid on the points on the PP, but they both passed up way to many shot attempts, esp Letangs in OT in which then lead to the game winner on the other end. But with all the positives these 2 bring the Pens really do miss noth Gonchar and Whitney at the Points big time. All in all though, those 2 being out with mature Goligoski and Letang more at the blueline.

Typical Devils game last night, grind ya down, grind ya down, keep your shots total low, theres high, and boom a typical Devils fluke goal with just over 2 mins left in the 3rd and the game is tied. Elias centering pass/shot went off of the U.S.S. Gil in front and passed Fleury. I felt bad for MAF..

Speaking of MAF he played out of his mind, stopping 49 of 50 shots in regulation, being in great position all night even with all the work the Devils were doing on him. Solid performence for him and he showed why he got the contract that he did. If MAF plays like this all year the Pens will be in good shape between the pipes, just will have to put up a few more goals on the other end lol.

After the Devils tied it i knew they would win in OT, when Letang passed up the shot on one end and Pairse came streaking down the other and let go of a wicked wrist shot in full stride and beat Fleury. Puck hit the back of the net and before the red light could evenn go on we were already out of the building and in the parking lot lol.. Well not really, but we were down the steps though..

The Devils took 76 shots on net lol.. yes 76 attempted shots, not registered, Pens had like 27 blocks or something. Crosby even had 4 blocks. Lets see another year, another Devils team, that kills you in neutral zone and when they get the puck, THEY SHOOT lol. They shoot from everywhere, the Pens need to pay attention to that lol. Even last year with the Cup run they passed up waaaaaay to many shots. just saying :)..

All in all the Penguins didnt even deserve a point out of the that game last night but hey, im sure they will take it. They are now 1-1-1 on the year with 3 points. Next game tuesday at the Igloo vs those Hated Flyers.. Yes WALT, those HATED Flyers lol.. Puck drops at 7:38pm est time. I hope to god Sarah Marince (sp) does the National Anthem. One bc she is smoking  hot and she knows it and two Jeff Jimmerson just doesnt have his touch no more lol. He is a long time Anthem singer with bad hair, but the crowd loves him lol.

that is all for now..

Lets Go Pens..

dot dot dot jay
10/12/2008 2:15:00 PM
Those are my Devils for you.
10/12/2008 4:31:00 PM
I watched a good part of this game, flipping back and forth between it and the Blues/Blackhawks.

I have to agree with your recap in that the Pens didn't deserve a point out of this game. I also agree that Fleury didn't deserve the deflected goal against that tied it up, but the Devils earned it. If Fleury continues to play like that, the Pens will be a force again this year.

I also thought Gologoski looked good at the blueline, he was constantly joining the rush and creating opportunities.
10/12/2008 4:32:00 PM
But alas, it was the Sioux combo of Zajac and Parise that sealed the deal in OT. Zajac getting the assist and Parise absolutely sniping the corner.

I look forward to the remainder of this series playing out the rest of the year.
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