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Texans Meltdown 10/6/2008 2:44:00 PM

Living in Houston, I get the uh... joy... of watching Texans games every week.  Being my new local team (moved to Houston just over a year ago) I have tried to adopt them as one of my teams.  That being said, they have really struggled since their addition to the league.  Things looked on the up last year as 8-8, but the 0-4 start and blowing their last 2 games has this season looking grim.

I am sure that most NFL fans by now saw the incredible end to yesterday's Texans-Colts game.  Near the end I was thinking: 'man what has happened to the Colts?'  they were about to go 1-3 losing their latest to a troubled Texans team.  Then Rosenfels happened. That was one of the biggest meltdowns/choke sessions I have ever seen.  His decision making was baffling.  He seemed to be acting like the quarterback for the team trying to regain the lead instead of the team trying to hold the lead.  Is Houston cursed to having choking teams?  I remember the early 90's Oilers blowing that huge playoff lead to the Bills en route to one of their SB losses. 

I am not sure who or what is to blame for the dismal Texans start after last seasons signs of promise. Yesterday's game can almost solely be laid on Rosenfels shoulders... or can it?  Is his play a reflection of coaching or just fluke bad decisions by an average journeyman quarterback? Should Matt Schaub toughed it out like we have seen other athletes do when they get ill?  Is Kubiak gone after this season if they dont turn things around in a big way? 

They seem to have some great pieces together.  Mario Williams has been living up to his 1st round draft status, Demecco Ryans has been great.  Andre Johnson is an elite receiver when healthy.  Steve Slaton is a steal of a rookie has been coming on great the past few weeks.  They were 8-8 last year with a slew of injuries, yet are struggling more this season with (mostly) healthy players. 

10/6/2008 5:13:00 PM
I turned the game on just in time to watch the beginning of the end for the Texans yesterday. I must say that Rosenfels must be the sickest person in Houston today. That loss falls squarely on his shoulders.

From a neutral standpoint, it was fun to watch.
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