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Whatever comes across the mind.....which usually is not much b/c I get tired of thinking from work!!

Anybody watch Heroes? Don't Read if you don't want spoilers! 9/26/2008 1:56:00 PM

Who here watches Heroes?  What were your takes from the first two chapters of Season 2?

What a nice twist of who Sylar's mother really is?  And next week's episode looks like we will see who becomes Villains.


9/26/2008 6:35:00 PM
I have kept up with the series. One thing I want to express now(will post more later) is that I absolutely do not understand the purpose of "Nikki" in this entire show so far. Also, what exactly is her "special" ability? Being psychotic does not mean she has "special abilities."
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9/27/2008 11:33:00 AM
I totally agree about Nikki, Jessica, Tracy?! Whoever she is. And now the ability to Freeze people!! WTF! I love the show, but I think they should explain stuff like that right away.

And seeing her husband DL in the Premier party means he will have a role also and is now not dead either? I guess if you are a hero, you never die unless Sylar kills you?! Maybe Claire gave them all powers!
9/27/2008 6:23:00 PM
Agreed on Nikki (or whatever she goes by next episode). Loved the first 2 episodes this year, way better then most of season 2 imo.
9/28/2008 1:30:00 AM
Ok, to comment on the last episode, what do you think is happening to Suresh? I am anxious to see what becomes of him. Another question, what powers does present(not future) Peter have? All the powers he had before, or only the powers of the guy whose body he is in?

Agreed that this season is starting with a bang.
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9/29/2008 9:59:00 AM
Suresh is the one character I actually don't like this season. He is way off where his mindset was at the end of last season. And Peter is the most intriguing character of them all. I would say he doesn't have any of his powers right now otherwise he could just teleport to where he needs to go. Can't wait for tonight! And then get some more discussion going here!
10/2/2008 7:02:00 AM
I love the show!

Are you kidding - keep her (them) around only for the shots from the rear (heh)...I bet Tracy is just a twin with a different power...

I think Peter has been sort of silenced so far - remember he has everyone's powers that he comes into contact with...much better than his new brother where he has to eat(?) their brain-stuff...

Suresh = Brundel-fly now...
10/6/2008 5:18:00 PM
I agree that Suresh has turned a complete 180 from where he was in a mindset at the end of last season. Not sure what attributes to that other than poor writing of the character.

jm, you were right, Tracy is a twin as verified by last weeks episode. Now that her and Micah have met, will Micah track her down to become his new mother figure?
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