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BigTyme21's Take on Things in General (BigTyme21)

Here I will discuss various topics. It might be the MAdden leagues, or how my Clemson Tigers don't get no love in XBCF. Anyways, for the most informative blog stay tuned to this one. You will enjoy it.

A New XBCF Season is Here; A New Team For BigTyme21?? 7/31/2009 6:17:00 PM

Well we are almost over with our first week in the new XBCF season. And I really don't know what is more of a suprise - BigTyme21 not playing as Clemson or Florida St a preseason number . I say Florida St  a preseason #1. Just joking Tony. LOL It is the Clemson Tigers being played by someone other than BigTyme21.

Now last year, I traded up to the top 10 and had to trade for them from LegolElf. He picked them right in front of me. Now this year, IrishSteelers picked them right in front of me again. But this time I said forget it and kept the Nebrask Cornhuskers. And believe it or not, I don't think that I will regret it. But they are in capable hands in theMellow420. So no worries for those Clemson Tiger fans out there.

Now on to week 1. The #15 Cornhuskers hosted Kansas Jayhawks controlled by RUSHENYYZ. This was the first time that we played against each other, but it was an excellent game. Nebraska got the ball to start off but a pick 6 by RUSH gave them the lead early. Rush then stopped the Huskers again and it looked like it was going to be over before it got started good. I believe Rush then kicked a fg to stretch his lead. He then scored a td right before the half but left a few too many seconds on the clock. On the ensuing kickoff, The Huskers had excellent blocking and returned it for a td. I was back in it.

The real key to me staying in the game was believe it or not my defense. Rush had been moving the ball up and down the field with his efficient offense, but it sputtered inside the redzone on back to back possessions earlier in the game. He ended up settling for fieldgoals and they were huge.

As we got into the second half, it was a one possession game that kept flip flopping until the fourth quarter. I had taken the lead 28 - 20 and he was driving deep in my territory. I believe it was third and goal and I intercepted him in the endzone to end the threat. But it still wasn't over. I wanted to run out the clock but Rush didn't want to cooperate. He hit my runningback for a slight loss on first down and I was left scrambling for a play to get a first down to move the chains. Well I found one with my runningback on a quick fly and the rest was a dash to the endzone. His linebacker didn't get over fast enough in coverage and a perfect pass hit him in stride. The final score was Nebrask 35 and Kansas 20.

RUSHENYYZ is a great sim player. There was no type of cheese play from him in no fashion or way. This was a tough challenge for my new team, and luckily I pulled it out. Up next for the Cornhuskers is kclemens11. He is one of the new guys here and has a bye this week. So this truly will be a blind game for me. No stats to get any type of idea on how his style is. It should be an interesting game as the Huskers try to stay undefeated in the division. And hopefully they can move up from their #15 ranking in the preseason polls. Only time will tell.

Anonymous juice
8/5/2009 9:33:00 AM
Good stuff man! It's nice to get the review of plays and hear of members playing great games. Look forward to hearing more!
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