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BigTyme21's Take on Things in General (BigTyme21)

Here I will discuss various topics. It might be the MAdden leagues, or how my Clemson Tigers don't get no love in XBCF. Anyways, for the most informative blog stay tuned to this one. You will enjoy it.

What's New!! 9/24/2008 11:38:00 PM

Well the World Series in PSBL is over and the Seattle Mariners are the Champions. My Braves were runner up. It was a good series but the Braves just got cold at the wrong time and the Mariners were on fire. Toxicit was a great opponet and now a rivalry has begun.LOL

Well in XBCF, I played my game against Jmustang and it was a great one. The Clemson Tigers  pulled off the upset of the #6 Northwestern team led by Jmustang.

Clemson was down by 7 at the half by a score of 31 - 24. He scored on a bomb in the last couple of seconds. Right after I had just scored a td to tie it. The second half started off slow as the Tigers had to punt on the first possesion. But Clemson intercepted Northwestern on their first possesion and it was on like hot buttered popcorn.

Clemson drove down behind the runing of Thunder and Lightning and scored a td. We got us a ball game now boy. The Northwestern offense was still moving the ball but costly miscues gave Clemson the ball back. The end result was another touchdown for the Tigers of Clemson. Northwestern got a brief break when their runingback fumbled the ball and it was recovered by Clemson. The Clemson player returned it for a touchdown but it was overturned. On the next play, Northwestern throws an interception.

Clemson just ran the ball and the clock down to get into fieldgoal range. On fourth down they kick the fg to go up by 10 points with under 2 mins to play. Jmustang starts moving the ball but a fourth down try fails. Clemson takes over and just takes a couple of kneel downs to run out the clock.

If Jmustangs' runningback doesn't go out in the first quarter, it might not have looked so good for Clemson. His pass attack was too much for the Tigers in the first half. Whenever a blitz came, he just made a big play. When I didn't blitz, he was cooking on the grill with all the time he had in the pocket.

My second half adjustments were great along with some AI help. That is always welcome in an EA game. LOL Now it is up to the pollsters to see where they think Clemson will fall in the rankings. But no matter what, whomever plays my Tigers will have a battle on their hands. And  hopefully I can pull out a few more upsets.

Great game as always Jmustang.

9/26/2008 2:22:00 PM
I knew that would be a great game. Congrats on the big win!
9/27/2008 7:11:00 AM
Congrats on the big win..........
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