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BigTyme21's Take on Things in General (BigTyme21)

Here I will discuss various topics. It might be the MAdden leagues, or how my Clemson Tigers don't get no love in XBCF. Anyways, for the most informative blog stay tuned to this one. You will enjoy it.

Speed Killls Again! 10/4/2008 2:44:00 PM

I just finished my weekly game in the XBCF. It was the #19 Clemson Tigers hosting the #18 Scarlet Knights of Rutgers. The Knights won the toss and elected to put their defense on the field.

Clemson looked to be starting quick as they drove inside the 5 yard line and was looking like they were going to punch it in for the early td. But the Knights rose to the challenge and held. Clemson settled for the 3 points. At the end of one it was Clemson 3 and Rutgers 0. Clemsons ball control pretty much ate up the first quarter.

In the second quarter it got very interesting. Rutgers was continuing their first posession and it ended with a qb sneak for the touchdown.  Clemson came back and  Harper hit Kelly for a 69 yard post route as the Knights were definitely looking for the run. Clemson regained the lead at 10 - 7. Rutgers then punted and Clemson moved down the field for a Spiller td run from 3 yards out. Clemson 17 - Rutgers 7. Rutgers then threw an int which led to a Clemson td run by Spiller. Rutgers then threw another int but no damage resulted from that. Clemson got greedy and Harper threw a pick in the endzone.

So at the half it was Rutgers 7 and Clemson 24. The interception bug hit Rutgers again to start the third which resulted in another Spiller td run. Rutgers was then stopped and had to punt. As Clemson was moving the ball, Harper threw another interception which led to a Rutgers touchdown. They elected to go for 2 and it was good. On the ensuing kickoff, Jacoby Ford danced arond some defenders and broke it off for a 95 yard kickoff return touchdown. After 3 quarterd it was Clemson 38 - Rutgers 15.

Rutgers threw a td pass and the two point failed this time around. But on the good side, they did recover the onside kick. As they were driving, an interception brought it to an end. It took Clemson one play to go 66 yards as CJ Spiller hit the outside corner and was stopped when he ended in the endzone for a touchdown. Rutgers threw another interception and Clemson ended up turning the ball over on downs. The game ended with Clemson taking a knee to run out the final ticks on the clock.

This was a very good and interesting game. Don't be fooled by the score because HotRodd can play ball. When the AI causes some interesting interceptions and miscues, a lot of things go wrong for you. I know that that has happened to all of us at one time or another playing an EA game. But the key was the speed of the Tigers going against a slower defense.  Rutgers has some weapons but they just aren't that fast when compared to the Clemson weapons. But nonetheless, it was an exciting game and an enjoyable experience. HotRodd never took anything away from my play and just pretty much laughed off the AI miscues. He was very classy in his approach throughout the entire game. His sportsmanship and attitude goes back to what I said in my last blog about the owners that I have played around here.

So now to the pollsters. Clemson moved up a couple of places this week as they try to regain some of the momentum that was lost in their early season losses to Virginia Tech and LSU. With four weeks left in the season and four games on the schedule, it is wide open for the Tigers. Last year this time around Clemson was undefeated and ended up 10 - 3 and looking in from the outside in the BCS picture. Hopefully I don't get the Bowden breakdown and can continue playing good ball.

But I can't look no farther than my next opponent, JakeDaSnakee. This is another key divisional game and from what the pollsters think of him, he knows how to handle the control pad. Hopefully the home cooking will propel the Tigers to another victory over a top 25 opponent.

So again, behind the Clemson speed they defeat the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers by a score of 45 - 21. Hopefully speed will continue to kill for the Clemson Tigers.

Good game again HotRodd9228 and best of luck the rest of the way.

Joey Six Pack
10/6/2008 9:53:00 AM
this right up is awesome. good work.
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