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BigTyme21's Take on Things in General (BigTyme21)

Here I will discuss various topics. It might be the MAdden leagues, or how my Clemson Tigers don't get no love in XBCF. Anyways, for the most informative blog stay tuned to this one. You will enjoy it.

The Tigers Fall At Home! 10/11/2008 12:46:00 AM

Well it was right after midnight when a message pops up on the 360. It was from  my opponent JakeDaSnakee asking league game? Sure why not. I guess I should have waited until Sunday because my Tigers weren't ready for this one.

The Tigers had the ball first but couldn't get anything going. UCF settled for an early 3 point lead after their first drive. As we go into the second quarter,  UCF expanded their lead by a touchdown and the fans were calling for the cooaches head. (Just like inreal life) On CLemsons first play after the kickoff, CJ Spiller went off tackle and raced down the sideline for a 68 yd touchdown. We got us a ball game now people.

UCF wasn't to be outdone as they methodically moved down the field and scored a td with 20 ticks left in the half. Could lightning strike for the Tigers? You are damn right buddy. Spiller received the kickoff at the 14 yard line and broke it off for a 86 yard td return.  So at the half it was UCF 17 and Clemson 14.

UCF started the third with a touchback that should have been called a safety but no harm, no foul. UCF was shortly intercepted and Clemson took over around their 21 yard line. Clemson moved down the field and Harper finally threw a decent pass to Spiller for a 3 yd touchdown.  On UCF first play after the kickoff, the Clemson defense was in array and got burned for a 63 yd td by UCF. On Clemsons possesion they were moving the ball when the UCF brought an all out blitz to stop the run. Clemson was in a play action and the qb couldn't get the ball off quick enough. The end result was a fumble and UCF dodged the bullet. After three the score was UCF 24 and the Tigers 21.

UCF then drove down the field and scored a td with alittle over 4 mins left in the game. Down by 10, the Tigers went to work. They still had time to run the ball and Spiller broke off a 25 yd run. A few plays later, Harper read the defense right and hit Kelly for a td. The Clemson defense couldn't step up as UCF got the necessary first downs and out of respect for his opponet, took a knee to end the game.

This was about what I expected minus the end result of course. But win or lose, this was a damn good game with no cheese what so ever. For a new member, JakeDaSnakee plays the game the way it should and when you lose to an opponent like that, you give him his respect. I have been a member here for a few years now and he ranks right up there with the Beertruck, Fatlightning, HeavyObjects, Mooj, Dom, GMoney, Jmustang and several other top notch NCAA gamers here. I just can't name them all so nobody please get offended.

I guess now Jake has answered the critics and the Tigers have failed to live up to the hype. It was a good run but when you play top 25 teams four weeks in a row, sooner or later it would stike midnight. I guess that is why Jake hit me up right after midnight because it was time for the Cinderella Clemson Tigers to go home an just wonder what could have been.

So the Tigers fall to UCF by 3 points, 31 - 28.  Good game Jake and best of luck the rest of the way.

10/11/2008 2:12:00 AM
This game sounded amazing...

10/11/2008 5:28:00 AM
It was a great game...I couldn't ask for a better game...alot of people where waiting for this game to come...Even with all the hype around this game it still came out to live up to it...Great game overall...Thanks for the respect...Very sim ball game all around...GG n GL....we will meet again BigTyme
10/11/2008 4:47:00 PM
Sounds like it was a hell of a game. Glad to hear we have more sim players up and coming. Keep your head up BigTyme!
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