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BigTyme21's Take on Things in General (BigTyme21)

Here I will discuss various topics. It might be the MAdden leagues, or how my Clemson Tigers don't get no love in XBCF. Anyways, for the most informative blog stay tuned to this one. You will enjoy it.

Tigers Fall Again!! 10/22/2008 12:15:00 AM

Well as the leaves begin to fall off the tress, in the XBCF the Clemson Tigers begin their yearly swoon. I just don't know what it is abou autumn that brings me such bad luck in NCAA. I think that we need to begin the season early enough so we can finish before September 30. I know that it would be last years version but who cares. It is still football right??

This was another nail biter of a game. This is what I have come to expect when I play DakPak. As I told him in the pregame, he is my nemesis. If I was Superman he would be my kryptonite. I know that there are several great NCAA players in this league but Dak knows how to handle my Tigers. Even better than some in the Top 5. Yes that may be a suprise to some of you but he has my number and I don't recall giving it to him.

 The game was a defensive gem on his part. With ball control the title of his offense. He literally did what he needed when he wanted. In the crunch he stepped up his defense and came away with a critical interception to seal the deal.

The Tigers led at the break but I knew that if I couldn't get in the endzone that it would be catastrophic. And it was. At the half it was 13 - 7 in my favor and I felt lucky. He had a great defensive plan and limited the leagues #1 rushing attack to over 100 yards below my average. That was HUGE!!

But Harper didn't do too bad until when it mattered the most. His last pass was deflected and then intercepted. Out of respect, Dak ran out of bounds to end the game. It was a wild ending to an exciting game.

As you can tell, the Tigers are feeling pretty down right now. With this loss, Dak has placed me in a big hole with Florida St coming up next. My only hope now is to play spoiler and take him out for all of the XBCF. Me and Tony are great friends through the site and I will really look forward to the battle. Lately he has been throwing his opponents under the bus and rolling. Maybe the Tigers of a few weeks past will show up and go out with a blaze of glory.

I will look at the Florida St game as my National Championship. Win or lose I am throwing out the rulebook and going for the mountain tops. This will be my Grammy Award nomination. This is my ESPY nomination. The only thing is, what Tigers will show up? If the Tigers of lately show up, it will be a long night.

Well good game Dak as usual. You are another fine example of a good friend and gamer here at UL. Hopefully next year we won't be in the same division next year so we don't play each other.LOL

Miami won 17 -16. He held my running in check and ball control took over for him. He played very smart. He has a bend don't break defense and it never broke. But we won't discuss how the game ended on the freak interception Dak!!!LOL

10/22/2008 1:03:00 AM
Really looking forward to next weeks battle!
10/22/2008 1:40:00 PM
Tough loss but great write up
War Eagle Tom
10/23/2008 9:27:00 AM
Bad year to be an Orange and Blue Tiger
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