XBCC: Xbox College Champions League [FAQ]
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Please visit the United Leagues Global FAQ page.


  • Skill: All-American
  • Quarter Length: 6 minutes
  • Fatigue: On
  • Injuries: On
  • Fair Play: On
  • All other game options must be left on the default settings.
  • All Regular Season Games will be played as UNRANKED GAMES
  • Play all games in order of the season. Please, dont play in advance.


  • Passing Yards
  • Rushing Yards
  • Turnovers

Both teams are responsible for recording stats. The winning team is responsible for REPORTING the score and the stats for both teams. IMPORTANT: Games in which no stats are recorded are not acceptable and will result in elimination of both owners for End-of-Season Awards consideration. RECORD YOUR STATS.

When your game is complete, exit out of the game. Do NOT just turn your XBOX off. If you just turn off your XBOX it will not register the stats, hurting both parties involved and screwing things up for the Hall of Fame awards.


  1. Division Wins
  2. Conference Wins
  3. Points Against


  • QB's are the only players on the roster allowed to play QB. For eaxmple: you are NOT allowed to sub in a WR/RB/etc in at QB.
  • You can NOT sub a WR in at TE. If you call an audible and a WR lines up in the TE position you must motion him out wide.
  • Defensive Line: All 'down' D-Linemen must be set on the line of scrimmage in a 3pt stance. No D-Lineman may be moved off of the 3pt stance manually. The only movement allowed by the DEs is via 'line audibles'. You are no longer allowed to move your DE's manually. If you want to spread your D-Line and then take over a DT and slide him back to the middle/left/right whatever, that will be the only acceptable movement allowed. Basically, you can move your 'down' (3pt stance) DTs as long as they stay in the 3pt stance.
  • You can't audible out of a special teams play or vice versa. If you change your mind about punting, call a timeout,. If you change your mind about going for it, call a timeout.


PLAYOFFS! Four division winners and two wild card in each conference will play single elimination playoff bracket, with the two conference champions playing each other in the XBCC Championship. Everything is left out on the field, not up to pollsters.

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