X1CR: Xbox One Custom Roster League [FAQ]
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X1CR Rules

  1. Conduct a draft to select teams (3.5 or 4 Star Team)
  2. Your team's roster must be cut to 19 players (2 GKs and 17 outfield players)
  3. Your cut roster may not contain any players lower than a 65 rating
  4. Your cut roster must be under the league mandated salary cap
  5. Once all teams have valid cut rosters, conduct a five round draft to select five free agent players
  6. Free agent players include players on any team not owned in the league, and players that were cut by owners
  7. The five players drafted will replace five players on the owner's cut roster (An owner can abstain from making any or all five picks)
  8. The player replacements will be up to the discretion of the owner after the draft (However an owner should be aware of potential player's cap hits and should draft accordingly)
  9. After the player replacements have concluded, the owner-to-owner transfer market opens (Unlimited amount of these transactions are permitted)
  10. Halfway through the season, a transfer window will open to allow owners to pick up free agents (Maximum of three transactions) (Note: Via owner-to-owner transfers, an owner's budget may change from the draft to the transfer window
  11. Upon conclusion of the season, repeat Steps 1-10, however returning owners may choose up to five players from their prior season's team in lieu of their five draft picks
  12. Each keeper will replace the owner's draft pick, starting with the first round pick and going in order
  13. Note: Keeper players have the potential of taking a different cap hit when we transition from FIFA 14 to FIFA 15

X1CR Game Settings - League matches in the ULFA will be played on FIFA 14, under these game settings:

  • Team Level: Any
  • Half Length: 7 minutes
  • Controls: Any
  • Game Speed: Slow
  • Squad Type: Custom

X1CR Basic League Rules:

  • The winner of a league match will earn three points. Each team participating in a league match that ends in a draw will earn one point.
  • The position of the teams in the standings will be determined by the number of points earned.
  • If any 2 or more teams have earned the same number of points, their position in the standings will be determined on goal difference. The difference between the total number of goals scored by and against a team in league matches, and the highest ranked team will be the team with the largest goal difference.
  • Even though goal difference can affect the standings, owners are still expected to show good sportsmanship and are prohibited from running up the score.
  • In the X1CR, any score that has a goal difference of more than 5 goals is considered running up the score, and will be investigated. If an owner has multiple instances of running up the score, their account will be reviewed and could possibly be removed from the league, suspended, or placed on probation.
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